Nixon, 1968, l’élection…. et des urnes pleines en vente sur Ebay !

“Ce qui est arrivé en 2000 n’a fait que révéler une réalité qui imprègne depuis longtemps le système électoral américain. Pendant près de cent ans, alors que la Constitution de 1787 donne aux Etats fédérés pleine compétence sur l’encadrement des élections, ce sont les partis politiques qui ont organisé les élections, fabriqué les bulletins de vote, s’assurant du taux de participation. Avec, en arrière-plan, des suspicions de corruption, de votes frauduleux, de disparition de bulletins.” extrait de : Les fractures électorales de la démocratie américaine, publié sur Visions Carto, le blog du Monde diplo.
Avec, en prime, une découverte faite sur ebay, en août 2008….

Ballot box with ballots from 1968 Nixon elections

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This ballot box is filled with ballots from the Nov. 15 1968 general election in Washington County, Colorado, Precinct 10. The ballots alone are worth the price and would indicate that they may not have been counted. Ballots are still folded with a rubber bands holding them in folded as they were originally, with some 150 to 200 ballots. Detailed photos of the ballot and ballot box can be sent for interest parties only. The ballot box was manufactured by National Ballot Box mfn by Amos Pettie One from Chicago, Ill. The patents on the ballot box are register on June 17 1884. The top still has the glue for a covering placed over the slot to deposit ballots showing the system used in Washington County Co. Presidential Electors on this ballot are; Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey and Edmund S. Muckie, Republican Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew. This is very collectible item with great political importance. The box has been in the family for well over almost 25 years and was discovered in Washington County Co. by my Father. There were only 3 of these ballot boxes when discovered.
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